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There is a lot that goes on in a movie production. You know all those movies that you watch on the big screen? Hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people are involved in making one film that is 2 – 3 hours long.

Filmmaking is an art. It is the process of making a film through a series of stages. This includes the story, screenwriting, casting, shooting, editing and sound recording or reproduction. The end is the screening of the completed film. These films are shot in different places or it can be shot in a huge studio. Some films can be completed in a few months while others take a couple of years to complete.

About filmmaking

A movie production is not really complicated – but it can be a tedious project. There are so many things that you need to take care of.

But to summarize everything, here are the three general stages of filmmaking.


This is the planning stage. This is when you take an idea that you have and try to prepare it or help it materialise. Experts say that an idea for a movie should be simple. You should be able to write it in less than 100 words. If not, then your idea should be simplified further.

Once you have the main idea, you can proceed to write the script for the movie. You can include storyboards to illustrate what the movie is all about. This will help in the movie production later on. When the movie has financial backing, you can start looking for a location, have auditions to fill the cast, etc. Make sure all the legalities are in order before you proceed.


When you have prepared everything – from the location to the cast to the crew, you can start filming. This does not immediately jump to the actual filming process. The actors have to practice, the set has to be built, etc. This will make the shoot hours lower. The longer it takes to shoot the film, the more costly it will be. When you are shooting on location, make sure you shoot all angles completely so you do not have to come back to reshoot anything.


This is the final stage of the movie production. This is everything that happens after the shooting is over. You have the sound recording, the editing, the animation, etc. Most of the time, it is the editing that will make or break the film you are making. Start with a rough cut of the movie and keep on improving it as you go along. Check the pace of the movie, the sound, and if it stays true to your original idea.

After all of these, the screening of the film will determine if your movie production is a success or not. If they like it or if they understand the idea that you wanted to relay, then you know that you did a good job in filmmaking.

About the website

This website will concentrate on filmmaking in general. If you want to know what is involved in shooting a movie, then you will learn a lot through this website – specifically when a movie production happens in the UK.

There will be articles about manuscripts, directing a movie, and editing it. You will also find specific articles about my favourite type of movies – like casino heists. These are some of the best movies to be created. There is something about casinos that makes everything dark, funny, and thrilling – all at the same time.

What is exciting about movie production is the fact that we know it will only get better. With the improvements in technology, there are so many possibilities for filmmaking in the future.