Casino Heist: My Favourite Subgenre

A casino heist movie is no doubt better than other types of heist films out there. There have been so many films created about heists. Most of them involve robbing banks, businesses, or even a rich person. But among all of these, movies about outwitting casinos seem to surpass all of them.

About casino heist movies

There are many reasons why watching a casino getting robbed is exciting. First of all, there is a chance to rob them of an amount that is even bigger than what you can get from a bank. Not only that, the people running these casinos are very powerful. It is also not unlikely that they will be willing to hurt the robber if they are caught.

We also know for a fact that these casinos have invested millions in state-of-the-art security systems. It is interesting to know how the characters in the casino heist movie can outwit these systems. Unlike banks, there are ways to rob a casino while making it look legal. Of course, you can rob them of real cash – like what happened in the Ocean’s Eleven film. But there is also a way to rob them by simply being a genius at their table games – like in the movie 21.

As you can see, the plot of a casino heist movie goes beyond the actual robbery. The planning and implementation of the complicated plan are what makes it an appealing movie to watch.

Best casino heist movies

So what are the best movies in this genre?

3000 Miles to Graceland

This movie is funny yet quite violent. Although the movie was not critically acclaimed, it is still interesting to see the characters rob the Las Vegas casino that hosted an Elvis convention.


This is a British production that starred Alex Kingston and Clive Owen. It is about a writer who became a croupier to help pay the bills. His girlfriend convinced him to assist an underworld gang in London to rob the casino he works for.

The Good Thief

This film stars Nick Nolte as an aging thief battling with a heroin addiction. He wanted to do one last job – which involved robbing a very famous casino.

Oceans trilogy

This list of casino heist movie will not be complete without the Oceans trilogy. It is without a doubt, the best of the movies in this genre. In the first movie, Oceans 11, we are introduced to the team. It involves a group of 11 people with different skills who joined forces to rob the vault of a casino in Vegas. This movie stars George Clooney, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, and Brad Pitt.

Oceans 12 is a continuation of the movie wherein the team had to rob a casino in Europe. At the beginning of the film, the owner of the casino that they robbed in Oceans 11 found them and threatened their lives. They can only be set free if they return the money. This led them to rob another casino.

Oceans 13 is the final installment of this trilogy. It centered on the revenge that the group implemented against the conniving business partner of Reuben Tishkoff. The man happens to be opening another casino – which is where the team planned to unleash their revenge.


This casino heist film is all about counting cards. It revolved around a blackjack team studying in MIT. with the help of a professor, Kevin Spacey, the team was trained to count cards in Vegas casinos.