Different Genres Of Film

There are different genres of film. Most of them have their own followings. Sometimes, these genres mix with each other to come up with other types of movies – like romantic comedies or epic war films.

Main film genres

So what are the main film genres that we see today?

Action films

If there are several high energy and breath-stopping physical stunts – that means you are watching an action movie. Of course, there is the good guy and the bad guys. There are battles, rescues, and over-the-top explosions. Among the movies in this genre includes James Bond.


This type of film is defined by a journey that the characters have to go through. There are several adventures and obstacles for them to go through before they can complete the adventure. Usually, there is a goal that has to be met at the end of the adventure. Examples of this genre include the Indiana Jones movies.


This is a light-hearted movie that will make you laugh through the character’s antics and lines. This is probably one of the most famous of all the genres of film. Examples of this genre include Austin Powers and Tootsie.

Crime and Gangster

This refers to films that involve sinister action sequences. The story revolves around criminals and gangsters. A perfect example of this is The Godfather series. Serial killer films are also a part of this genre.


Among the other genres of film, this is the one that has a lot of subsets. Anything that has a serious tone in the story is considered a drama. If it tugs at your heart to make you cry, that is good enough to be part of this genre. Dead Poets Society is a perfect example of this genre.


Anything that involves something that happened in the past can be classified under this genre. Films about the royals in Europe or a film about a battle that happened in the past will make is an epic or historical movie. Some biblical movies like Noah can also be considered under this genre.


If the movie instills fear and is filled will terrifying scenes, you can bet it is a horror film. Those movies about exorcism, ghosts, and other paranormal activities are included here. Even alien movies can be a part of this genre. Alien, Annabelle, and American Psycho are among the films in this genre.

Musical /  Dance

When the characters suddenly break out into a song or have series of dances, they are part of this genre. This includes movies like Step Up or the classic The Sound of Music.

Science Fiction

These are movies that are visionary and scientific in nature. The most popular movies of this genre include Star Trek and Star Wars. It can even include movies about mad scientists, aliens, and futuristic films.


This genre includes both war and anti-war films. It focuses on what happens to people in the midst of the horrors of war. The famous films in this genre include Enemy at the Gates and The Pianist.


Finally, you have the western films. These films are uniquely American. It is actually one of the most enduring genres of all time. The greatest western films include The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly and also Once Upon A Time In The West.

What do you think? Which of these genres of films do you like best?