Directing A Movie

Directing a movie is difficult. You can think that you can do it but once you are in the midst of all the things that you have to accomplish – it can get overwhelming. But what does it take to direct the best films in the industry?

What does it take to be a good director

Directing is pretty much involved in everything that happens in the movie. You do not just tell the actors and actresses what to do. Your job goes beyond where the camera should be pointed, etc. There are so many things for you to do – but all of these are encompassed by one responsibility.

It is your responsibility to make sure that the movie captures the attention of the audience. Regardless if you are directing a movie or a short film, this is your ultimate goal. Every little or big thing that you will do while directing the film will be towards this goal.

Usually, a film is considered a success if it is able to get the attention of the audience within the first 10 minutes. Then, the film should maintain the hold on their attention and never let go. It is up to you to interpret the screenplay truthfully and artistically. It is also your responsibility to make sure that the right senses and emotions are triggered.

There are a couple of things that you need to focus on when you are directing a movie.

First of all, you need to understand human behaviour. You need to define what goes on behind every thought, feeling, decision, etc. You need to witness the essence of human behaviour as it relates to the film. This allows you to understand what the story is about.

When it comes to understanding the story, you should know every little detail. This is how you can dig deep into the meaning and message of the film. While the story is the blueprint of the movie, it is allowed to change and be flexible – but only when it makes sense.

As you look into the story, you will have a better understanding of every character and the situation that they are in. This will allow you to direct how the camera will capture the emotions and the story behind the scene.

Probably the most difficult part of directing a movie is making sure that every little detail compliments the whole movie. Understand what the principles of montage mean. This will help you in the post-production process as you put everything together as you edit the film.

The best directors of all time

Directing a movie is a talent that is hard to learn. Some people are quite good at it while some are not. Here are some of the best directors of all time.

Stanley Kubrick

He has the cinematic imagination that allows him to be technically proficient and emotionally rich in his approach to directing. He is great when experimenting with various genres and styles. Kubrick loves to push past the norms of directing – a risky move that is oftentimes successful nevertheless.

Alfred Hitchcock

This director is considered one of the best because of his ability to understand the human psyche. He also loves to experiment – specifically on issues that are unconventional. He dabbled in sexuality, identity crises, and the complex female psyche. He is known as the “master of suspense” in the world of filmmaking.

Martin Scorsese

His recent works “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “Hugo” proves that this man still has the best skills when it comes to directing a movie. He loves taking on challenging projects and successfully makes it into his own. As a director, he possesses a lot of talent in telling a story – and captivating his audience.

Steven Spielberg

This is another director that can heighten the emotions of his audience – and it is mesmerizing. He started all the cinematic magic in the industry. Among his famous works include “ET”, “Jaws”, and “Schindler’s List”. He has proven that a movie can be commercially successful and artistic at the same time.

As you can see, directing a movie should make you a genius in your own right. It is not something that everyone can do and only a few can excel at.