Editing – Putting Recorded Material Together

Editing a film seems like a very tedious task. There are so many rolls of film and hours of materials to choose from. It is your job to put everything together – all the recorded materials and make sense out of it.

This is actually a part of the post-production phase during the movie production. Right now, it is easier to edit a movie because of the technological advancements that we have. As long as you have the right tools and programmes, you can easily edit any material.

What is editing all about?

The person responsible for this phase of the movie production is the film editor. They work with raw footage – everything that was recorded during filming. It is their job to choose the different shots and angles and combine them into a sequence that makes sense to the story.

This part of the movie production is a highly technical part of the filming process, it continues to be a form of art. There is a high level of skill involved to become a good editor and to produce the best edited pieces. It is actually considered an invisible form of art. It adds to the beauty of the movie but the viewers do not really understand how the editor had a hand in all of that.

There are three phases in the post-production editing.

Editor’s cut

This is practically the rough cut of the film. The editor should have an idea of the storyline and will use that as they do the first cutting stage. While the filming is going on, the editor is right there to discuss with the director what is needed. This gives them direction when they start to edit the film.

Director’s cut

This is when the director becomes involved in the editing process. They will collaborate so the film will start to resemble the artistic ideas of the director. This will involve a more detailed part of the post-production.

Final cut

This is when someone else – like the producer, steps in to input their thought in the edited version of the film. Sometimes, the director would not want to associate with the final cuts to the film – but usually, they want to have a final say in the final cut of the movie.

Tips to make editing easier

Editing can be tough but there are ways to make it easier for you. Here are some tips that you can use.

  • Shoot as much footage as needed. This will give you a lot of options when you are cutting scenes and shots. It will ensure that you have more than enough material to work with and meet your target length for the film.
  • Get the right computer and software. The accessories will also help you complete the edit easily.
  • Use a tripod when shooting. This will keep the scenes steady and will keep viewers from feeling dizzy.
  • Try to limit video effects unless it is necessary.
  • Take a break when editing. It can be a tedious and tiring job. If you do not get some fresh air, it can influence your ability to spot the best shots.